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Evelyn Warr-Cummings, Director

Kenneth Lengieza, AICP, Special Projects Director

Lenora Mayes, Office Manager


 Monthly Regional Planning Commission Meeting Schedule



Below is a list of current Zoning Inspectors and other state and local agencies involved with development.

Zoning Inspectors and other Agencies

The Marion City/County Regional Planning Commission is a group of county, city, and village elected officials and concerned citizens striving for efficient growth and progress in Marion County.  A primary effort is in the guiding and promotion of sound land development for future homes, businesses, and industry.  Commission members; however, have been concerned about many other situations where effective planning and coordination between the private sector and public sector, or between different governmental agencies will increase benefits to the public and prevent costly mistakes to be borne by future taxpayers.

The hiring of professional planners in the mid-1960's enabled the Planning Commission to better review proposed projects and plan for the future in the areas of transportation, recreation, land use, etc.  Having professional planners also allowed the Planning Commission to compile data on the community that has been used by many individuals and other government agencies.

Under the direction of current Executive Director, Kenneth J. Lengieza (AICP), Planning Commission efforts have been devoted to plan implementation and to the development of plans leading to the conservation of natural resources, rehabilitation and redevelopment of existing urban areas, and new growth areas.  Other staff members include: Lenora Mayes (Office Manager), Robert Morris (Planner), and Evelyn Warr-Cummings (Assistant Director).